Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just around the corner!

When the hell did I get six followers?? That is definitely a recent development.

Anyway, I have six days to complete my final film, and it's going to be a mad rush but I am determined to finish this. I'm actually quite thankful most of the five minutes is just talking.

I decided to take a more serious version of the "Ren and Stimpy", "Spongebob Squarepants" approach, wherein an emphasis shot is in fact, a rendered painting rather than a flat-shaded cell.

Although I am still using gradients to shade the frame-by-frame/tween combo animation:

...whenever there is a static shot without lots of movement, I have taken the liberty of rendering the components in Photoshop for extra impact.

On the sound front, Kuba Komorowski has completed his part of the score, I have nearly completed mine, and David Williams has made excellent progress with the sound design. In my humble opinion, everything is sounding great.


  1. Hail Kaiser! Hail Kaiser! We Await Your Coming, O Lord of Lords!