Friday, October 16, 2009

Hatticus scene and March sound

I am currently in the process of attacking the Hatticus 'spider crawl' scene and intend to have it finished by about Sunday.

In the meantime David Williams has completed the sound for the marching robots.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Vïshnegradsky!

Ow my brain hurts. I did this in one day.

Ah, the fruits of intensive labour!


The design of Vïshnegradsky has gone through a few designs now but I have settled more or less on a gorilla-like body structure with medium-sized legs and big arms.
He is a mobile weapons platform, and so stands at about eleven feet in height.

I have kept the design loose and rough for the sake of freedom, and have nailed down a look and feel in Flash that I am happy with. I intend to have this shot finished by tomorrow.

The Vïshnegradsky unit (there will be about seven or eight of them in shot) will be the force that brings down the Parliamentary Building at the end of the film.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ahem. I should probably update.

Hit a few snags with my film but I am still intent on getting it finished in time for the screening.

This has mostly manifested itself in a complete reallocation of time and resources, i.e. rescheduling.

Objective is to have a good few 'money shots' that people will remember and link them up as best as I can with limited animation.