Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparing myself for a bit of a 'check up' tomorrow. Unfortunately I haven't made up as much to show as I would have liked (specifically thanks to my WIL Project, see my other blog for details), but I'm making progress and I will show what I have.

The biggest piece of progress I have made is that I am now onto my fourth and definitely final draft for the script, thanks to James Lee's valuable and sharp input. James had a lot to say about my third draft, all of which I agreed with, and yet amazingly it had fallen under the radars of everyone else who had proofread it, including myself.

As soon as Okki has been dispelled, work will officially begin on The Rise Of Kaiser Fate, and I don't intend to tread lightly here. In the best case scenario I will make a good start on production before the mid-year holidays.

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